Zikit is a Hebrew word for Chameleon.

Chameleon’s are renowned for their ability to master the art of camouflage and to blend into their surroundings. Zikit is a store which hopes to provide all the right clothing and equipment you need to adapt to your surroundings and fit in.

We have an extensive range of military and adventure kit suitable for hiking or outdoor pursuits or combat environments. We also have a great range of hunting kit which will make sure you stand out yet fit in at your next shoot or country pursuits activity. We also stock some of the best value and hard working workwear for everyday use whatever your trade may be.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers and believe the product is only as good as the customer service you received.  Thankfully you can be sure of a great customer experience and great value, high-quality products from us.

If you have a requirement and can’t find what you’re looking for then please give us a call or email and we’ll do our best to find something suitable for you.

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